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Ural Regional NMR Spectroscopy Center ("Ural-NMR")

The Center was set up in 1998 according to the joint decision of both the founding institutions and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). The aim was to provide more effective application of the unique expensive equipment (NMR spectrometers) for basic and applied research to be carried out in the Ural region. The economic basis of the Center activities is the purposeful financial support by RFBR, the means of the founders and other concerned organizations, and also the returns of R&D contracts. Founders-institutions are:

  • Institute of Organic Synthesis of RAS, Ural Division (Ekaterinburg);
  • Ural State Technical University (Ekaterinburg);
  • Institute of Technical Chemistry of the Perm Scientific Center of RAS, Ural Division (Perm);
  • Institute of Chemistry of the Komi Scientific Center of RAS, Ural Division (Syktyvkar).

    The basic organization is the Institute of Organic Synthesis of RAS where the NMR spectrometer of new generation (AVANCE DRX-400, "Bruker AG", Germany) with operating frequency of 400 MHz is installed. The spectrometer has unique technical features, which makes it possible to perform various modern NMR experiments. Moreover, the instrument stock of the Ural-NMR Center contains six more NMR spectrometers designed for research and routine measurements in the field of high resolution NMR spectroscopy. Ural-NMR Center participates in a number of important basic and applied investigations including those of regional importance. Main trends of investigations are:

  • detailed structural studies of a wide range of organic and bioorganic compounds, natural ones including;
  • study of the reaction mechanisms based on the investigations of kinetics and transition state structure;
  • identification and certification of composition and structure of the target compounds and intermediates of fine organic synthesis;
  • highly efficient accurate examination of the new developed medicines and products of their metabolism.

    The Center conducts the NMR spectroscopy investigations for research groups and laboratories of both the founders and the other institutions of higher school and Russian Academy of Sciences, and the research institutes of the Ural region covering the Sverdlovsk, the Perm and the Chelyabinsk Regions, and the Komi and Udmurtiya Autonomous Republics. The Center is open to wide collaboration with research and manufacturing organizations that are interested in conducting NMR spectroscopy studies.

    Director of the "Ural-NMR" Center, Senior Researcher,
    Ph.D. Dr. Michael I. Kodess
    Phone: (343) 341-57-55

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