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Сведения о результатах деятельности для экспертной оценки ИОС УрО РАН за период с 2014 года по 2017 год

Наука Урала


Institute of Organic Synthesis

Institute of Organic Synthesis Ural Division of RAS was created by the Decree of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on June 29, 1993. However the Institute has long traditions, being one of the oldest scientific organizations in the Urals. In the 30s of the XX century there was established the Institute of Chemistry of the Urals Branch of Academy of Sciences. I.Ya.Postovsky was one of the founders of this new institute. Later it was reorganized to the Institute of Chemistry of Solid State. In 1989 the Institute had five laboratories that were working in the organic chemistry. They became a basis on which the Department of Fine Organic Synthesis was organized. Afterwards the Department was transformed into the Institute of Organic Synthesis. 

Today the Institute is headed by Valery Nikolaevich Charushin, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science, Professor. 
The scientific supervisor of the Institute is full member of R.A.S., Doctor of Science, Professor Oleg Nikolaevich Chupakhin

The whole staff of the Institute is about 196 persons. There are two Full Members of R.A.S., 10 Doctors of Science and 35 Ph.D.s. Presently the Institute consists of six research laboratories and three groups. There are several special research groups in the Institute: branches of the Departments of Organic Chemistry of the Ural State University (USU) and the Ural State Technical University , and two joint laboratories with the Department of Highmolecular Compounds of USU and Chemical Faculty of the Chelyabinsk State University 

The institute has a post-graduate course on five specialities (analytical and organic chemistry, macromolecular compounds, etc.), headed by Dr. E.A. Khrustaleva, which annually trains 13-18 post-graduate students. 

The Institute has widely developed relationships with many scientific organization of RAS, Russian Cancer Research Center and other Russian leading institutes, centers and organizations. The Institute successfully works in cooperation with Universities in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Academy of Science of Poland. Among other partners there are such companies as Samsung Fine Chemicals (S. Korea), and RAMA (Israel). 
Institute of Organic Synthesis has up-to-date equipment: NMR spectrometers, high performance liquid and gas-liquid chromatographs, IR and UV spectrometers, equipment for high-pressure reactions and others.


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